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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Chillicothe in the Cordillera Negra

This week a team from Chillicothe church Ohio is serving in Tapacocha and Cotaparaco. Assisted by Martin, their interpreter, they will be renewing friendships and conducting home Bible studies in the house of Lucho and Claudia.
Pray that they will teach lessons that will speak to the hearts of those who attend.
(Pictured above are Terry, Joe, Pam, Charlie and Martin.)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Jesup to Yungay and Mancos

Proverbs 22:6
"Train up a child in the way he should go;
    even when he is old he will not depart from it."

Most parents in this area have little, if any, knowledge of what the Bible says about bringing up children. The Jesup GA team, along with Pastor Joel and his wife Hilda, Peruvian missionary Maria and interpreters Myra and Erick will teach the children how we build our lives in accordance with the Word of God. 
Be a part of this work and PRAY for them in the days ahead.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

From Oregon to Pomabamba

On Wednesday July 24th, I will be traveling to the Northern Conchucos with a team from Oregon. It will be my honor to work with them and the Fleetwood's for the week. The schedule, though always subject to change (!),  is filled with exciting opportunities. First, an orientation & a picnic on the 25th in Jancapampa, then Bible storying, genuine mountain music, a youth retreat and the wedding of Julia and Pedro. Come on down and join in this rare celebration!   
~ From the Fleetwood's ~

Greetings from the Andes! It is "summertime" here and we are finally enjoying blue skies and warm sunshine. Of course, the clear skies at night bring with them some cold temperatures. We have been reminded of how beautiful the clear night skies are here. We could gaze up for hours ("There's the Southern Cross... There's Orion...") if not for the chill in our bones!
PRAISE the Father with us for:
-  Healing for Pedro's mother. She has been feeling a bit better each day.
-  Healing for Norma's foot. She dropped a piece of firewood on it that punctured the skin. It took about 2 weeks to heal.
-  Some good Bible studies with Eufenio and Elida in Conopa.
-  The story of Abraham has been crafted and recorded in Quechua.
Please PRAY for Santona's son, Romalo. He was recently convicted of robbing chickens two years ago. He is in prison in Huaraz. He was sentenced to 3 months incarceration and an 8,000 Soles ($3,000) fine. If he cannot pay the fine, he may have to remain in prison. Santona has not denied her son's guilt. But the fine certainly seems severe.

Please be in PRAYER for a team from Highland Baptist Church in Redmond, Oregon that will arrive in Lima on Tuesday, July 23rd. From there, they will take an overnight bus to Huaraz where we will meet them and bring them to Pomabamba. Team members are: Spencer, Jimmy, Ryan, Jennifer, and Lyida. Our IMB cohort, Tommy Smith, will help us with the team. Richard, a LimeƱo (lives in Lima) will accompany the team as a translator.

Please PRAY for the following activities:
Thursday:  Acclimation/orientation
Friday:  Minister in Tarapampa (live music, testimonies, Bible stories, "jet stove" demonstration)
Saturday:  Minister in Rajra (live music, testimonies, Bible stories, "jet stove" demonstration)
Sunday-Tuesday:  Youth Retreat (first ever) here at our house
Wednesday:  Wedding (first ever) of Pedro and Julia
Thursday-Friday:  Travel to Huaraz, to Lima

Please PRAY that our time with the Quechua people will be bathed by the Holy Spirit and that many will have a spiritual "wake up call".

Please PRAY for safe travels for the team, for acclimation to the altitude, and for healthy bodies.

Please PRAY for Spirit-empowered communication that overcomes language barriers.

Russ & Sherri

(Pictured above is Julia, Pedro and their daughter Sheyla.)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Uttermost Parts of Ancash

This week a team from my “home church”, First Baptist of Jackson, MS will travel to Pomabamba on the eastern side of the Cordillera Blanca, an uttermost part of Ancash. This is a challenging journey, as it requires 3 days of travel just to get there. The team will minister in a culture that is far different from their own.
* Pray for the team as they conduct medical clinics in villages in the area.
* Pray for their health during the week and for safety on the mountain roads.
* Pray God will use this ministry to open the hearts and minds of the Northern Conchucos Quechua and they will come to a deep understanding that there is only one true God who can truly heal them.
* Pray their lives will truly be changed and they will begin a life of obedience!
(Pictured above is a Quechua lady on her farm near Pomabamba.)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bells Shoals Dental Clinic

Next week a team from Bells Shoals, FL will be conducting dental clinics in Huayllapampa and Marca.
They ask for your prayers in the days ahead.

* Easy access through customs at the Lima airport.  We have a lot of items we are bringing in with the dental team all of which is needed for the projects in the villages. (Prayers have already been answered ! The team arrived last night and encountered only a minimal amount of difficulty.) 

* Safety in travel.  Many miles from Lima on good roads, and a lot of driving on narrow, dirt roads.

* That whatever the team encounters – good or challenging – we will reflect the heart of Christ in word, attitude, and demeanor.

* Bible distribution will be effective with many coming to faith in Christ as a result.

* Many in the schools we will visit will receive the New Testaments we are distributing and desire to read God’s Word.

* For the partnership with the local pastors and village leaders we will work with.

* For God to give us clear direction as to our continued work in these villages.

Thanks so much to those of you who pray.
(Pictured above are some of the ladies at the clinic in Huayllapampa.)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Continuing To Build

Arriving on Tuesday will be the first of two teams from the South Fork Association of North Carolina. They will be serving in the city of Caraz and working with a local church there. Since becoming a partner in 2009 they have built many relationships in the community.
                                                     ~Team prayer requests ~
                                             Pray for us to be spiritually prepared,
                                                         for traveling mercies,
                                                          and receptive hearts!

(Pictured above is sweet Luisa who runs the local hotel on the plaza where the team stays. Through the years she has become their mother away from home. Photo credit – Amanda Zickefoose)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tapacocha, Cotaparaco, and Pararin

From June 2nd through June 6th, a team from the Ohio State University will minister in Tapacocha, Cotaporaco, and Pararin. They will be led by Jonathan of Lifepoint Church of Delaware, OH. The team has asked you pray specifically for the following:

Pray for:
* Safe travels and good health.
* To stay focused on God and responsive to what He wants us to do, not that we do what we want.
* That the team has the opportunity to encourage and worship with other believers.
* Pray that God gives the team strength to share His message. Pray that He opens doors to allow us to share His message. That people in the village are present, available, and open to listen and share.
* Pray that God allows the team to talk with the government officials in the villages.
* Pray -That God uses the team to encourage, continue to build relationships, and point others towards God.
             This is a particularly important journey for the team, as they will be seeking God’s will as to what their strategy should be in the future.
(Photo - One of the local beauties in Tapacocha.)